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CF Dominicana cigar rollers were first noticed when the Washington times wrote about the company's unique feature of cigar rolling back in 2004 when Cigar Catering launched.

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Georgetown was the original area that piloted the brand which spread to other areas including Bloomingdale, Dupont Circle and the Navy Yard immediately. Now, National Harbor and the Gaylord Hotel are frequent venues where upscale guests that are typically cigar lovers, request our cigar rollers along with the “CF” imported Dominican cigars. Custom cigar bands are also common and enhance the event which brings the entire affair to another level.

Union Station is also another popular area for cigars and cigar rollers while personal events extend out towards Maryland and Virginia with weddings and golf outings for the cigar connoisseurs and “gift givers” to the cigar lovers in their life.

The custom graphics we design on the cigar bands for Brides go far as accenting the cigar design in the same color as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

This attention to detail also crosses over to corporate events where corporate logos are consistently placed on cigars so that the attendees or golfers are always reminded of who sponsored the event.

The cigars of course are all imported from the D.R., even the ones that we roll at the event or imported unfinished from the Dominican Republic to sacrifice nothing in construction and quality. Connecticut shade wrapper leaf is typically requested and create a mild to medium bodied smoke most popular from Annapolis to DC.

Give us the details of your event and we will have a quote and suggestions for you in 30 minutes, we look forward to hearing from you, enjoy.



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