CF Dominicana cigar rollers were first noticed when the Washington Times wrote about the company's unique feature of cigar rolling back in 2004 when Cigar Catering launched.

Cigar servers are a great complement to DC events and particularly common at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor.

Cigar servers provide a visual of serving guests cigars while giving guests a pleasant aesthetic that's reminiscent of the lounges from the 1920s and 30s. Your cigar server will float the room with a tray of cigars and be knowledgeable as to what they are serving so they can answer guests questions efficiently. Cigar servers are dressed in modest evening attire and will float the room typically for a two hour.

Cigar servers work best for bigger events with larger areas and it's not uncommon for two cigar servers to be present at an event. The cigars themselves can be customized with your names for corporate events with a company logo. A as long as there's a space or area for guests to smoke, the cigar servers will be a success as guests love the experience. It’s common for guests to take pictures which they will talk about for many months after the party has ended.

If you would like to have a Cigar roller, cigar server or just cigars with custom cigar bands, simply contact us and we will bring you to the next step.

Cigar Roller DC (202) phone
Cigar Roller DC (202) phone