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CF Dominicana DC cigar rollers are authentic, Master cigar artisans that are contracted exclusively with the company’s trademarked service called Cigar Catering.

These cigar rollers are contracted and handpicked as they are far more than just cigar rollers. They are approachable, knowledgeable, speak English, politically correct with excellent social skills which are needed in social environments - and yes, they are also experienced, professional cigar rollers.

Washington DC makes up just one city out of the 25 that's CF Dominicana boasts resident cigar rollers thus eliminating any type of travel cost. The cigars are all imported with none made in the States, only pure, premium Dominican, handmade cigars are presented at these events and are the same cigars sold in stores.

Golf outings are very popular in the DC area as cigar smokers and golfing go hand-in-hand. Cigar rollers for weddings now have become a staple because of the CF Dominicana group of cigar rollers presentation that creates a visual that immediately elevates the reception to another level while giving guests an experience that normally is not seen at any wedding.

Send us the details of your event, whether it be a wedding, golf outing or corporate trade show and we will have a quote that fits this scenario perfectly, just fill in the contact form and we will have a suggested package of features for you in about 30 minutes, enjoy.

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Contact us to give us the date and location of your event so we can generate a general suggested quote for you. we will send an email for you to contact us so that we can go over any questions you have in real time and give you the person will experience you expect with any upscale event feature. s.

When you give us the general details of your event, we will have a quote ready for you in 30 minutes so call us and we will answer all of the questions you have.

Cigar Roller DC (202) phone